Having A Plan

The Plan idea.gif2

Dom: Pictures, Notes, Shooting

Mike: Editing, Shooting

Rene: Pictures, Interviews, Shooting

* We can all take turns using the camera if anyone feels uncomfortable, since we all have some experience in using one.

Mission Statement:

The overall purpose of this video is to shine a light on the good works that these neighboring churches do especially Piney Grove Baptist church. The specific goals in telling this story is to do a profile on Piney Grove Baptist and get a deeper look at what they have contributed to community over the years and what they plan on doing in the future.

The components needed will be  pictures of the church and the food supply they keep along with pictures of their daycare center. Interviews with Pastor Robert H. Paul and Victoria Wilmore, who is in charge of the daycare center. Video footage will also be needed to tell Piney Grove’s story and their work with La Salle University and the community.

Once all of the research is conducted and we have gathered all the information and footage we need it should be easy to pick and choose the right parts to tell a great story.


Questions for Reverend Robert H. Paul:

1. How long have you been the pastor of this church and has there been any beneficial changes made since you’ve been here?

2. What does nutrition mean to you? Your definition.

3. How often does Piney Grove conduct food drives or other aids that help provide food for the area?

4. Was being one of seven hard? And did you ever feel that your parents struggled to prepare well balanced meals for you and your siblings?

5. If yes, why/how and what were your meals like? Did you ever go hungry as a child?

6. Tell me more about your position as one of the Board of Directors of the Logan Improvement Association.

7. On the churches website it states that you and your wife have been married for 42 years. Does she support and also add to your decisions to the church and is she as active in the community as you are?

8. What does Piney Grove contribute to the community center across the street?

9. Do you think that families and individuals in the area will accept change if healthier food choices were available, why or why not?

10. How often do you work with other churches?

Questions for Victoria Willmore:

1. When did the daycare center open and have you always been in charge of it?

2. What is the range of ages of the children that attend the daycare?

3. Is the service provided free for the parents/guardians?

4. Do you provide Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner for the children or have a snack time? If yes, what do you serve them?

5. Do the children engage in any outside or indoor activities that allow them to be active and promote exercise?

6. Are the other employees that help you with the children?

7. How do you feel about the food choices in this neighborhood?

8. Have you ever noticed any changes in behavior or moodiness in any of the children because of what they eat? If yes, then ask for an example.

9. What are your hopes for Piney Grove in the future?

10. Do you feel like Piney Grove does its part by helping the community? If yes, how?


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