Let’s Move

lets move

According to Michelle Obama:

  • 10 percent of schools in the U.S have physical education in their schools.
  • Children spend at least seven hours a day in front of some type of screen.

Michelle Obama just launched a new movement on February 28, 2013. This movement is to help kids get more active in school and lead healthier lifestyles. She shared this with the rest of the on Thursday, February, 28, 2013 on Dr.Oz last week. She wants to remake school lunches and teach kids how to make healthy choices even if they have to eat our. Do they have to choose the Big Mac and large fries? or can they just get a regular hamburger with small fries? These are the choices they can make. Getting kids to move is just as important as getting good test scores in school. All the resources are available online on how to get this started in your local school.



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