Nutrition Background

The United States as a whole has no food culture. There are contest that glamorize binge eating, such as the Wing Bowl that just happened last month. America needs to take a look at what food is doing to its country and the people who live in it. Obesity is a problem that continues to flourish as time goes by and perhaps the prices of healthy food can be a factor. Fast food and soft drinks are a lot cheaper than a head of lettuce. One can buy a chicken tender meal at Checker’s with fries and a drink for only $2. Because of these low prices in urban neighborhoods and all around cause families to opt out of healthy options. Nutrition may always be a worldwide problem, but it does not have to be. With people aware of the damages that poor eating can do to children and adults, more people can stand up and make better choices.

Michelle Obama launched MyPlate in the summer of 2011. MyPlate is now the new model for healthy eating instead of the Food Pyramid that was introduced in 1992. Although this website is a good toll for parents and children to follow, not everyone has access to the internet and its resources. There needs to be more hands on activity when it come to better nutrition. There are many people dedicated to seeing improvement in different communities.


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